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Sewing Center

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This project empowers poor rural women and helps reduce sex trafficking of girls by providing Sewing Vocational Training. Unemployment is one of the burning issues among youth in Cambodia. Due to the lack of skills and being unable to utilize available resources, poorer communities are forced to migrate elsewhere and end up working as daily laborers, construction workers, cooks, brick workers, etc. Girls and women are physically and sexually harassed by business owners and contractors and are often forced to a life in the slums, receiving very low wages and resorting to prostitution.

Some of the women affected by this decision flee to Thailand, where their living conditions become even more unstable. A network to help and protect Cambodian illegal immigrants has been set up, but this only addresses the consequences and not the cause of the problem. We believe that the problem should be tackled at the source and provide women with more support in Cambodia.

The Sewing Center provides support to 25 young women in 12 districts throughout Siem Reap province with training in sewing. Goods are sold locally to support more women and making the mission sustainable. An experienced trainer has been hired to direct and teach the women. We are excited to help empower poor rural women and girls so they can secure employment and improve their quality of life.

The Sewing Center building has been completed! Thank you to all those who contributed to this building effort. We are now ready to furnish the building, install 25 sewing machines and provide sewing supplies for each sewing station.