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Water Project in Suoi Trai School

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Minnesota Veterans for progress is currently installing a borewell in PhyYen province, Vietnam. This borewell will provide safe water to the Suoi Trai Commune. This project will be completed during the summer of 2019.

1) The social-economic condition of Suoi Trai commune:
This is one of the two extremely poor communes of Phu Yen province, one of the poorest province of Vietnam, (reclassified by the government in 2018). Total population is 2,095 people. Most of them are minority ethnic groups, more than 95%. More than 90% of them used to depend on farming. However, since, the hydraulic project was built in this area. Their lands were withdrawn for the project and the small compensation they got could not provide them a stable life. We can imagine how frustrating it is to a farming family has no land to cultivate.

2) Suoi Trai minority ethnic school:
There are 210 students in the school, 197 students are minority ethnic groups. There is a well (manually dug when the school was built) but it was salted and can not be used. The hydraulic project also has caused some bad impacts in the environment. It becomes drought and the water is becoming more salted. The teachers have to bring water from the town to the school for their limited use.

3) The proposed borewell project will be serving not only the school but the surrounding community as well. All the wells dug manually by the residents are salted and having a borewell has been their dream for a long time but never afford to do it with their economic condition.

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, this project was completed on July 24, 2019.

The pictures below were taken during the opening ceremony of the project. Thanks to this project, the children and adults living in Suoi Trai Commune located in Phu Yen Province, Vietnam now have access to clean safe water. This access will greatly improve the health and well being of many disadvantaged Vietnamese citizens.

MVP looks forward to completing more humanitarian projects like this as we move into the future.

Please watch this website for more donation opportunities. We appreciate your interest in improving the lives of disadvantaged Vietnamese children and the communities that support them.