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Create Jobs, Help Orphanages, Provide Education and give the Gift of Clean Water to Rural Cambodians

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Water Wells for Cambodia

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The Minnesota Veterans for Progress “Water Wells for Cambodia” Project worked with local contractors in rural Cambodia to install drilled water wells that provide clean safe water for land mine victims and their families living in communities established for them by the Cambodian government. Twenty-six water wells were installed by MVP from 2010 to 2015. Below are two examples:

1. Water Well Installation in Korkranh Village
Mrs. Chhom Samoun has four children who live in Korkranh Village, Sangkat, Siem Reap. Her husband was a land mine explosion and was killed. One of her daughters is deaf and cannot speak. She sells vegetables at market to support her family.

2. Water Well installation in Koktrach Village in Khna Commune
Mr. Hurt Hoert is 50 years old and has 10 children who live in Koktrach Village at Khna Commune in the Pouk district of Siem Reap Province. He is a farmer and his wife plants vegetables and flowers to sell and their daughters and sons sell fruit at Baray.

Bore Well and Storage Tank
Phu Yen Province, the poorest Province in Vietnam, is home to ethnic minority families. At the branch school of the Dinh Bo Linh Primary School in the Province, children must spend 2 hours per day carrying water to the school and to their families from a distant mountain stream. MVP provided almost $5000 (USD) to build a Bore Well and Storage Tank in 2017. Now the children and their families in this area will have access to clean drinking water for years to come.