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MVP is providing financial support for individual students attending three “Ethnic Schools” located in the Phu Yen Province, Vietnam. Phu Yen is the poorest Province in Vietnam. The students attending these three “Ethnic Schools” are members of minority tribes and clans, including Ede, Cham, and Hroi children. Their families live by subsistence level farming and fishing. Sending their children to school is difficult financially and socially. Without an education these children will continue to live in grinding poverty as their ancestors had.
For $300 you can make it possible for a disadvantaged ethnic child to attend school for a year. This will pay for:

  • School tuition

  • School uniform

  • School books and supplies

  • Food to eat at school

  • Help with transportation to and from school including a bicycle if needed

For each child supported, the sponsor will receive a photo of the child, a profile of the child and reports on the child at least twice a year.

Ideally, if you agree to sponsor a child, you will commit to at least four years of sponsorship. After four years, you can decide to continue sponsoring your child until they reach their educational goal, whether it is high school graduation or graduation from a post-secondary school.

The $300 sponsorship money will be given to the sponsored student in two payments. A payment of $150 will be given in September and a second payment of $150 will be given in January. Each sponsored student will be expected to stay in school and perform well in their studies.

To make this payment distribution possible, please send your $300 to MVP no later than August to cover both school year distributions. If you prefer, you can send MVP $150 in August and $150 in December to cover the two distributions one at a time.