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Create Jobs, Help Orphanages, Provide Education and give the Gift of Clean Water to Rural Cambodians

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Orphanage Support

Projects, Orphanages

MVP has contributed money and supplies to five orphanages in Vietnam and Cambodia. Two examples of MVP’s orphanage support are as follows:

  • 1. Bo De Orphanage located in Hanoi, Vietnam
    This orphanage is inside a Buddhist monastery in a neighborhood bordering the Mekong River. The orphanage takes in abandoned children and raises them until they are educated and in the work force. MVP provided money, clothing, and educational supplies.

  • 2. KSEDO (Khmar Social Economic Development Organization) Children’s Foster Home and Orphanages
    Located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, This orphanage is home to abandoned children and is growing every day. They also raise them until they are educated and in the work force. In addition, the orphanage provides daily English classes and introduces the children to artistic and vocational skills. The children practice traditional Cambodian Aspara dancing. In addition to money and supplies, MVP has donated two new sewing machines to the orphanage. In 2014 MVP donated $4000 (USD) to build a much needed residence for the girls in the orphanage. They were previously sleeping in an office building.