Minnesota Veterans for Progress

Clean & Safe Drinking Water for Land Mine Victims in Cambodia

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Minnesota Veterans for Progress (MVP) supports veterans, military service members, and their families, through education, advocacy and reconciliation. Minnesota Veterans for Progress (MVP) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization incorporated on May 24, 2006 to support veterans, military service members, and their families. The organization educates members and the public about veteran’s issues and supports initiatives and projects that address veteran’s needs. It also advocates forveteran’s issues, causes, and programs.

Past activities have included the development of a high school curriculum called “Telling Stories of Vietnam” and providing speakers for high school and college classes. MVP has participated in forums on reintegration services for returning veterans and participated in discussions that helped reorganize the local Veterans Service office.

MVP continues to support and advocate for local veterans, military service members, and their families by holding regular meetings and addressing specific issues and concerns that arise.

In CY 2008, MVP began reconciliation work in South East Asia by conducting veteran initiated humanitarian projects in Vietnam and Cambodia. These Projects provide veterans of the Vietnam Era with anopportunity to move toward reconciliation and emotional closure oftheir war time experiences by allowing them to participate in beneficial service projects in Asian social and cultural environments.

Minnesota Veterans for Progress conducts humanitarian projects in South East Asia, such as the following:

  • Installing water wells in rural Cambodia for land mine victims.

  • Supporting ethnic schools located in the poorest districts in Vietnam.

  • Building a sewing center in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia to empower rural women and help reduce sex trafficking of girls.

  • Supporting orphanages for abandoned children in Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Bore wells and water filtration systems
If you are a veteran from any war who wants to participate in reconciliation work, by initiating humanitarian projects in a formercombat area or war zone, please contact Minnesota Veterans for Progress.